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    MODE- GAP is a collaborative R&D project supported under the European Union 7th Framework programme.

    The project goal is to develop the disruptive technology and concepts needed to enhance our communications infrastructure 100-fold to avert network gridlock and reduce energy consumption.


European MODE-GAP project commercially launches few-mode fiber erbium-doped amplifier

MODE-GAP, the European collaborative R&D project, which is investigating space-division multiplexing (SDM; or using afew-mode optical fiber’s separate spatial modes to carry separate data channels) to ...

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Researchers at TU Eindhoven demonstrate record data transmission

Researchers at TU Eindhoven demonstrate record data transmission over a specially fabricated fibre Achieved throughput of 255 Terabits/s is more than 20 times better than ...

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Demonstration of record reach for MDM with FM-EDFAs

The MODEGAP project is continuously show-casing that mode-division multiplexing technology can improve the capacity of optical transmission systems greatly. After demonstrating the largest capacity transmitted ...

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The Mode-Gap project targets the 100 fold enhancement of the overall capacity of broadband core networks, and seeks to provide Europe with a lead in the development of the next generation internet infrastructure that will soon be desperately needed if we are to keep pace with society’s ever increasing data-transmission requirements.