Another First for ModeGap

September 11, 2013Comments Off on Another First for ModeGap

MODEGAP shows first mode-division-multiplexed long distance transmission of higher-order modulation format.

We demonstrate successful 3-mode-division-multiplexed × 192-Gb/s dual-polarization 8QAM (total 576 Gb/s) transmission over 480 km of few-mode fiber (FMF). This distance was obtained using an all few-mode re-circulating loop containing a 60 km FMF span.

The paper will be presented 11-9-2013 at 18.20 local time (IEEE Photonics Conference 2013, 9-12 September 2013, Bellevue, Washington, USA).

Great news for Mode-Gap

July 3, 2013Comments Off on Great news for Mode-Gap

We have TWO papers accepted for postdeadline sessions at the OECC conference tomorrow!
3 MDMx8 WDMx320-Gb/s DP-32QAM Transmission over a 120km Few-Mode Fiber Span Employing 3-Spot Mode Couplers by Haoshuo Chen et al.
IQDemonstration of a Photonic Integrated Mode Coupler with 3.072Tb/s MDM and WDM transmission over Few-Mode Fiber by Haoshuo Chen et al.

A day with no internet and no phones? It could be nearer than you know

April 10, 2013Leave a reply

Dr. Ian Giles, Project Manager of MODE-GAP

Within a telecoms world dominated by new devices and apps, a simple fact that seems to be passing everyone by, is that today’s networks are reaching a capacity crunch as current technology reaches the limits of its capability. Science is struggling to keep ahead of demand so badly that current technology is set to reach its capacity limits within the next 20 years – meaning that if nothing is done, the networks will crash and the telephones won’t even work, never mind the internet.

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OFS ANNOUNCES THE LAUNCH OF FEW-MODE FIBERS SERIES. Designed for Space Division Multiplexing

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OFC/ NFOEC 2013, Booth 2627, Anaheim, California, March 18, 2013 – OFS, a leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative fiber optic network products, today announced the launch of a series of few-mode fibers designed for space division multiplexing.

“Few-mode fibers can be used for space division multiplexing where information is transmitted simultaneous on several modes thereby further increasing the transmission capacity of an optical fiber,” says Robert Lingle Jr., Director of Fiber Design and Systems Research at OFS. “Spatial multiplexing on few mode fibers is one of the very hot research topics at this year’s Optical Fiber Communication Conference (OFC),” he adds. (more…)

Space Division Multiplexing. A new milestone in the evolution of fiber optic communication

March 15, 2013Leave a reply

A fundamentally new approach will be needed to meet the continuously increasing capacity of the world’s long haul optical communications networks and to prevent a “capacity crunch” as hyper-growth in demand for data continues. That increase will only be possible with a step-change in state-of-the-art optical technology.

What are the limitations associated with using current fiber technology and which technologies are likely to unlock the added capacity that operators need? This paper reviews the latest research in mode multiplexing over advanced multi-mode fibers, looking beyond what’s possible today towards innovative hollow-core fibers. (more…)

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