Demonstration of record reach for MDM with FM-EDFAs

February 21, 2014Comments Off on Demonstration of record reach for MDM with FM-EDFAs

The MODEGAP project is continuously show-casing that mode-division multiplexing technology can improve the capacity of optical transmission systems greatly.

After demonstrating the largest capacity transmitted over a 3-mode supporting few-mode fiber (FMF) with few-mode EDFA (see and being the first to demonstrate the feasibility to upgrade legacy single-mode transmission systems with FMF technology during a fieldtrial in Austria (, now the MODEGAP project is one of the first to demonstrate long-haul reach using a full FMF-technology transmission link.

A record reach of 1020 km was demonstrated, using close to normal span lengths of 60 km and FM-EDFAs. On each of the three modes 128-Gb/s dual-polarization QPSK was transmitted.

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