Eblana Photonics: New Product Made Possible by the Modegap Project

November 15, 2012Leave a reply

Eblana Photonics launches 1877nm single-wavelength laser diode module.

Dublin, Nov 9th 2012 – Eblana Photonics Ltd. (Dublin, Ireland) announces the release of a Single Wavelength 1877nm Laser Diode module for Laser Spectroscopy applications. This optically isolated 14-pin butterfly laser module is ideally suited for moisture detection in Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) applications.

This new laser product expands on Eblana’s existing gas detection product portfolio which already includes lasers for detecting Methane (λ=1654nm), Carbon Dioxide (λ=2004nm) and Moisture (λ=1392nm).

The laser is fabricated using Eblana’s Discrete Mode laser technology platform, which delivers DFB-like performance at a price point geared to high volume applications. Eblana’s strained quantum well InP design provides stable, high performance, single wavelength operation and a wide degree of current tuning for wavelength control.

The key attributes of this product are as follows:

  • Ideally suited for H2O detection using the 1877nm Absorption Line
  • High spectral purity (typical SMSR 45dB)
  • Narrow spectral linewidth (~1MHz)
  • Exceptional device to device wavelength and performance uniformity
  • Packaged in a standard 14 Pin Butterfly with integrated TEC and Optical Isolator
  • Other centre wavelengths available on request

“We are delighted to announce this latest addition to our gas detection product line for TDLAS applications” said Jim Somers, Eblana’s CEO. He added “we are seeing an increasing trend towards laser-based gas detection systems for high volume deployments. Our customers are successfully displacing older, chemical based gas detection installations with TDLAS on the basis that the laser based system provides higher accuracy, is more reliable and has a lower overall total cost of ownership”.

Dr. Richard Phelan, director of new product development at Eblana, said “Our Discrete Mode laser products are perfectly suited to TDLAS systems where precise wavelength control and stable performance are critical considerations. In response to market demand, we are planning further product releases in this application area in the near future”.

For further product information and to obtain a quotation please contact your regional representative listed in our website: http://www.eblanaphotonics.com.  Alternatively you can contact us at sales@eblanaphotonics.com for further product information.

About Eblana Photonics          Eblana Photonics designs and manufactures laser diodes emitting in the range 680 nm to 2050 nm for communications, sensing and measurement applications. Eblana’s consistent performance, high quality components simplify customer product manufacture. Additional company and product information is available at www.eblanaphotonics.com. For information regarding this press release please call Eblana Photonics (Ireland) on +353 1 6753220 or email info@eblanaphotonics.com