Project Overview

The  Mode-Gap project targets the 100 fold enhancement of the overall capacity of  broadband core networks, and seeks to provide Europe  with a lead in the development of the next generation internet infrastructure  that will soon be desperately needed if we are to keep pace with society’s ever  increasing data-transmission requirements. It is now recognized that research  results are within a factor of 2 of fundamental capacity limits, bounded by  fibre nonlinearity and the Shannon Limit and radical approaches now need to be  investigated if we are to avert grid-lock on the internet. MODE-GAP will  develop multi-mode, photonic band gap, long haul transmission, fibres and  associated enabling technologies. These fibres offer the potential of order of  magnitude capacity increases through the use of multiple-input-multiple-output (MIMO)  operation of the multi-mode fibre capacity and further order of magnitude  capacity increases through the ultra low loss and ultra-low nonlinearity  offered by multi-mode photonic bandgap fibre.